Shift Your Focus: Animal Friends with Disabilities

dog in rollerskate


This week’s post is dedicated to YOU, because we know that going through a disability claim can bring about some emotions that aren’t very pleasant.  We wanted to brighten your day a bit and show you that even animals with disabilities don’t let anything stand in their way.  The best way to shift your focus away from negative thoughts when you’re going through a disability claim, is to focus on helping someone or something else–no matter how small.  Maybe it’s even just sending out some good thoughts. 

Enjoy and come back to this as often as you like.  Smiling is the best medicine, after all.


  1. Our first video consists of a sweet silkie chicken who helps her little disabled Chihuahua pal push his wheelchair and find happiness everyday.


2.  This sweet little kitten seems to have some nerve issues, but it doesn’t prevent her from having a wonderful companion & doing the things she loves.


3. Whether you’re a bacon lover or a vegetarian, you’ll love this one. Check out one of our favorite stories about a sweet pig who got a second chance because of his wonderful veterinarian friend and some K’NEX.


4. Have you read the book “Peter Rabbit?”  Well, this is like 100 times better and cuter.


5. You may want to grab a tissue before watching this one, but remember this paralyzed cat is so loved and that dog really does look after her.  So much empathy in this story.


6. Lastly, this sweet lamb may not have perfect legs, but she’ll still run for her food (and receives kisses from the other lambs for it).


We can learn a lot from our animal friends– unconditional love & loyalty, how to be empathetic, and to continue trying even when faced with life’s greatest challenges.  Remember to be patient with yourself and those around you and like the animals in these videos, we will be there for you as you continue down the road to obtaining your social security disability. We strive to do as much as we can for each of our claimants.

Want even more animal videos?  Check out BuzzFeed’s Animals with Disabilities Videos


If you have questions regarding your claim or would like to see if you are eligible please contact us at 1-800-922-4011.


Author: Stephanie Vecchione

March 9, 2016 at 3:19pm