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Say no to disability benefit changes

Say NO to Social Security Administration Rule Changes

Proposed changes would mean that many people with mental illness will be required to go through a complicated process that could put their benefits at risk on a more frequent basis. What you can do: Submit comments to SSA by... Learn More

Social Security Does Not Contribute to the Deficit

Please see the following Forbes article which explains how Social Security does not contribute to the federal deficit despite some politicians claiming otherwise: Learn More

Social Security Benefits to Increase in 2019

Each year we announce the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). Usually there is an increase in the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit amount people receive each month, starting the following January. By law, federal benefits increase when the... Learn More

Is Social Security Going Away?

Since 1935, Social Security has been a factor in an American’s plan for retirement. Since 1954, people have also assumed the program would provide a livable wage if they became too disabled to support their families. However, in the current... Learn More

Why Does an Appeal Take So Long?

While there is no set or guaranteed timeframe for how long a Social Security disability benefits claim appeal may take, it can oftentimes be a lengthy process. For reference, the initial approval process for a claim can easily take three... Learn More

National Disability Forum

Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Social Security is hosting a National Disability Forum in Washington, DC, but you can be heard!  The forum will be from 1:00-3:00pm (EST) and there is still time to vote for questions you would like to... Learn More

Shift Your Focus: Animal Friends with Disabilities

  This week's post is dedicated to YOU, because we know that going through a disability claim can bring about some emotions that aren't very pleasant.  We wanted to brighten your day a bit and show you that even animals... Learn More

Tax Services for People with Disabilities

Tax season is fast approaching.  Are you ready?  There are programs the IRS has set up to address any challenges, especially for those with disabilities. The IRS provides many tax  services that help all taxpayers – and those with disabilities often find... Learn More

How to Apply for Medicare & Medicaid

Many of our claimants ask us how they can enjoy the benefits of Medicare & Medicaid insurance coverage.  We do our very best to help them apply and succeed in getting all of their benefits.  Find out even more information... Learn More

Top 7 Inspiring Disability Quotes

Today, we wanted to shine a little bit of light back onto our staff, as well as bring you some words of inspiration.  We know you may be going through a difficult time, but we want you to stay hopeful,... Learn More