About Us

About Muse Disability Services

Since 1986, Muse Disability Services has grown into a highly respected business. We have helped thousands of people get the benefits they deserve for more than 35 years! Muse Disability Services is a group of trained staff, qualified attorneys, and non-attorney representatives dedicated to helping claimants in their pursuit of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims.

Our History

Honorable C. G. “Bubba” Muse is the founder of our company and began helping claimants throughout Mississippi shortly after retiring as an Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Hearings and Appeals in 1986. Although Judge Muse has retired, and now passed away, his vision and philosophies guide us in our quest to serve our customers with the experience and knowledge of over 35 years of practice concentrating in only one area; Social Security Disability!

Scot Whitaker

Mr. Whitaker has been our President and CEO since 2004. He has been representing our claimants in our geographical area since 2001. He is a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR), has served on its board for several terms in various capacities to include President of the organization from September 2009 to September 2011. Now Mr. Whitaker remains active with the national \ organization through the Committee of Past Presidents and other task force committees when needed. NADR was established to serve its membership of experienced disability representatives in the area of professional education and political action, and to maintain and enhance the skills of the membership. NADR has had several Legislative accomplishments including passage of the Social Security Protection Act of 2004. NADR remains at the forefront of disability policy making in Washington, DC and consistently lobbies for improvements to the disability system and protects the interests of its membership and the clients it serves.

Our Representatives

Muse Disability representatives are Eligible for Direct Pay Non-Attorney’s (EDPNA). An EDPNA is a non- attorney representative who provides representation for claimants during the Social Security disability adjudicatory process. Qualified EDPNAs are eligible for direct payment of authorized fees for representing claimants. The EDPNA’s scope of representation is specified in writing by the claimant and determines the EDPNA’s authority in a pending claim, matter, or issue that they have been appointed to handle. An EDPNA can be appointed by a claimant to represent them with a pending claim or issue at any level of administrative review. Muse Disability’s representatives hold the designation as Accredited Disability Representatives (referred to as ADR) through National Associations of Disability Representatives. ADR’s are Qualified, Tested, and Approved Disability Representatives. The overriding philosophy for all Accredited Disability Representatives shall be that any actions taken will be in the client’s best interests and result in no harm coming to the client. The Representative shall hold the client in the highest regard, with the client’s welfare the sole object of the Representative’s efforts. To that end, Mr. Whitaker and the Muse representatives remain committed to the ADR principles and take pride in advocating for people seeking disability benefits.