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Say no to disability benefit changes

Say NO to Social Security Administration Rule Changes

Proposed changes would mean that many people with mental illness will be required to go through a complicated process that could put their benefits at risk on a more frequent basis. What you can do: Submit comments to SSA by... Learn More

Assisted Living In Mississippi

With nearly 16% of its population aged 65 and older, Mississippi is home to over 476,000 seniors, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data. Since 2010, the state has seen an increase in population of around 0.03%. Hot summers and less than... Learn More

Social Security Disability Insurance: Entitlement or Benefit?

  When The Social Security Act of 1935 established the Social Security Administration (SSA), its purpose was the provision of public assistance for the aged, blind and dependent children. The program contained no provisions for people suffering from disabilities that... Learn More

Certain Social Security Claims are Faster

Disability Claims That Avoid the SSA Backlog With the backlog of Social Security Disability Insurance claims reaching a wait time averaging two years and effecting 1 million Americans, the Social Security Administration has special programs to allow the most critical... Learn More

What Happens if You Become Disabled?

A work accident, car wreck, or a serious disease diagnoses can all result in a person’s inability to provide for their family through gainful employment. As a safeguard for these situations, the government has provided an income to take care... Learn More

Why are There Deadlines When Filing, Appealing, or Re-applying a Disability Benefits Claim?

When it comes to Social Security Disability benefits, successfully documenting and providing the required evidence of an individual’s inability to find or maintain gainful employment due to health-related issues can be complicated and daunting. Because the Social Security Administration has... Learn More

Check My Disability Claim Status

Once a disability benefits claim has been filed with the Social Security Administration, the waiting begins. And as with most periods of waiting for anyone, this process specifically can make you feel as if your life is on hold until... Learn More

Why Does an Appeal Take So Long?

While there is no set or guaranteed timeframe for how long a Social Security disability benefits claim appeal may take, it can oftentimes be a lengthy process. For reference, the initial approval process for a claim can easily take three... Learn More

Why are Most Disability Claims Denied Initially and What to do

    Being denied a Social Security benefits claim may happen more often than you know – especially after a first claim. The Social Security Administration has set forth a strictly regulated program, and initial claims are often denied due... Learn More

Don’t give up after a Disability Claim Denial

Why It’s Important Not to Give Up After a Disability Claim Denial No one likes rejection, and being denied a Social Security disability claim is no different. If you have been denied a claim, it is important to first understand... Learn More