Why are There Deadlines When Filing, Appealing, or Re-applying a Disability Benefits Claim?

When it comes to Social Security Disability benefits, successfully documenting and providing the required evidence of an individual’s inability to find or maintain gainful employment due to health-related issues can be complicated and daunting. Because the Social Security Administration has instituted a strict set of guidelines and rules, many do find the process to be overwhelming and confusing.

For example, there are stringent deadlines to factor into the filing process. And because the timeframe – from beginning to end – can be lengthy, we recommended starting the process as early possible.

Understanding Social Security Claim Deadlines

Understanding that deadlines are firm, Muse Disability Services’ team of highly-skilled representatives and attorneys are in place to make sure every deadline is met. Each staff member is skilled in creating workable timelines, where it is also our role to manage the gathering of required forms and documents that must be collected and completed before being submitted to a claim examiner for review. We are responsible for not only managing every step in the application and filing process, but in turn, meet deadlines while also alleviating the stress and workload of these steps from you, our valued clients.

All too often, disability benefits applications are denied because of simple oversight issues or clerical errors – including missed deadlines – and in a disability benefits claim, there is not room for even one mistake. This is one reason why choosing to work with a professional firm, such as Muse Disability Services, to prepare and present your case to the Social Security Administration is advisable. Don’t fall into the category of being denied a rightful claim like thousands are each year due to something as simple, or as common, as a missed deadline.

In the end, it is our company’s mission to provide our clients with the most qualified legal team and support staff in the industry. We fully prepare and equip every representative at Muse Disability Services to serve as advocates and trusted resources. As accredited professionals, each is specifically trained to understand the industry’s complex rules and regulations as well as how to effectively navigate the system and processes involved. It is this level of experience and understanding that postures our clients for the strongest cases possible and successful rulings.

Muse Disability Helps those in Mississippi, Tennessee and Nearby States

So, thanks to our highly skilled staff and decades of experience, Muse Disability Services has already secured millions of dollars in disability benefits for thousands of individuals across the United States!

Additionally, we stand behind our quality of work and do not collect a fee unless your claim is approved. That’s right! We are 100 percent committed to and confident in our abilities and procedures in achieving approved claims, so much so that we do not accept a fee unless your case is won.


If you or a loved one is considering filing a first-time disability claim, an appeal, or a re-application, we are prepared to serve as your number one advocate, making sure your case is solid and all deadlines are met. Don’t wait, call us today at 1-800-922-4011 to speak with a Muse Disability Services representative!