Why are Most Disability Claims Denied Initially and What to do



Being denied a Social Security benefits claim may happen more often than you know – especially after a first claim. The Social Security Administration has set forth a strictly regulated program, and initial claims are often denied due to lack of information. Because of this, Muse Disability Services was established for the very purpose of assisting disabled individuals navigate the complex system and successfully attain the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.


If you have experienced a denied Social Security benefits claim, you are not alone! But don’t give up – appealing or re-applying are viable and encouraged options.


For more than 30 years, Muse Disability Services has helped thousands of people across the country successfully win their benefits claims. From trained staff members to attorneys whose expertise lies in disability benefits and legal strategies, having such advocates working on your behalf after a denied claim will not only ease the workload on you or your loved ones, but increase your chances for an approved claim. In fact, 90 percent of individuals who have representation, such as Muse Disability Services, have successfully been granted claim approval.


The first step in an appeal or re-application is crucial: identify the exact reason(s) why the initial application was denied so that it can be corrected. Second, if an appeal is being filed, then it is important to act quickly within the allotted timeframe. (If an appeal deadline is missed or you decide to re-apply instead of appeal, understand that the timeframe will be somewhat lengthier.)


In an appeal or re-application, because there is no room for error, it is critical that clarification of the incorrect information from the previously denied claim is presented in full. Plus, all details of work history, medical issues, and physical limitations must again be provided because the more thorough the information, the better understanding the claim examiner will have when reviewing the case. In addition, now is the time to further identify the spectrum of medical conditions that may qualify you for Social Security disability benefits. Oftentimes, applicants may struggle with accepting their inability to work and perform the job duties they once did. However, it is important to acknowledge and identify the physical limitations for the application process to be successful. This is also an area in which a professional representative can provide the appropriate details and guidance.


Throughout the process, Muse Disability Services representatives, who are trained to know and understand the full scope of information required, will contact your physicians, collect pertinent information, and retrieve important medical records. In other words, let our skilled team of professionals help ease the burden of navigating and complying with the many intricacies, requirements, and deadlines involved in a Social Security benefits denied claim appeal or re-application.


The team at Muse Disability Services has already helped thousands of applicants get their benefits through appeals and re-applications – let us help you too! Contact us today at 1-800-922-4011 for a free consultation.