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If you think you’ll never have to worry about filing for disability, maybe you should re-evaluate that thought. Each week thousands of Americans have to face the fact that they are no longer able to work and support themselves. Following a debilitating disease, an accident or the diagnosis of mental illness, their only alternative for financial relief may be to file for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Those of you who have filed and been denied or are in the process of filing a disability claim already know the complexity of the paperwork, the appeals and the hearing proceedings most claimants must endure to receive disability benefits.

The process can be complicated and drawn out even under the best circumstances, but you don’t have to fight the battle alone. The trained staff at Muse Disability Services knows and understands the system. They are dedicated to helping claimants pursue Social Security or Supplemental Security Income Disability claims. It’s what they do. It’s all they do.

Under Disability Insurance Benefits you must have worked a certain period of time and paid social security taxes. Based on the application date and the date of onset of your disability, it is possible to receive back benefits. Medicare health insurance coverage starts 24 months after the first month for which you are entitled to receive a disability payment.

Supplemental Security Income is based on limited income and resources and does not require past work or Social Security taxes paid and requires no waiting period before benefits begin. Back benefit payments are not available, but you may receive back payments from the months between your application date and the date you are officially put in pay status. Medicaid health insurance coverage begins immediately. SSI benefits are also available for children with disabilities who qualify.

Once you have applied for benefits, Muse Disability can provide a free screening to determine the merits of your case as they pertain to Social Securities laws and regulations. The screening, based on the client’s medical records and medications, if applicable, are also the core of what Social Security Disability views to determine eligibility for benefits.

Social Security Disability claims are often denied the first time they are filed. A procedure of appeals and hearings follow. Muse Disability Services are able to represent the claimant for the entire process, including the filing of the claim, the appeal for reconsideration (if denied), and appearing before the Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. It is probably best for claimants if the company’s representatives work for them from the beginning, but if you have filed and been denied, your best chance for success is still to have a representative at the hearing level.

The process may take a while, especially if you have to appeal, because it takes a while to get the case before an Administrative Law Judge. Although you will have no income for a period of time when you file for DIB, the good news is that claimants will receive back pay from the point of disability.

Muse Disability also makes it easy for their claimants to pay for their services. If they don’t win your case, you owe them nothing. If they win, a certain percentage of your back pay is sent to them for payment. You never have to worry about paying them, the government takes care of that, and they also regulate the percentage that can be received from the back pay you are owed.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with Muse Disability Services, call 800-922-4011. As their client, you will receive experienced professional representation from staff members who understand both your situation and the Social Security Disability programs. You can rely on them to handle all paperwork, procedures, and hearings on your behalf.

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