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    Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer in Lee County

    At Muse Disability Services, we recognize the fact that thousands of disability benefits claims are rejected each year, including claims in Lee County, Mississippi. Unfortunately – and all too often – many are denied because of the daunting filing process or even a simple oversight or clerical error. It is our stance, however, that with the right legal representation presenting your case to the Social Security Administration, the process should be smooth and the claim should be won.

    While thousands of disability claims are denied, there is good news! Muse Disability Services is actively preparing, filing, and winning disability benefits claims for individuals living in Lee County. Furthermore, statistics show that 90 percent of individuals who have professional representation, such as Muse Disability Services, have been granted approved claims.

    Muse Disability Services has acquired decades of experience in this industry, and our skilled attorneys are trained to navigate the host of strict laws and regulations associated with filing or appealing a disability benefits claim with the Social Security Administration. Plus, they are on point to work within tight deadlines that are typically inherent to this process.

    Our attorneys representing clients in Lee County are equipped to manage the many and necessary details of compiling, submitting, and filing the numerous forms and documents required by the Social Security Administration in a claim. Because this workload can become extremely time-consuming, our staff will relieve you and your loved ones of these burdensome tasks. In fact, Muse Disability Services attorneys and representatives are trained to know the full scope of information required, and they will gather the needed documentation of your work history, medical records, and physical limitations – an essential step in the process. It is our firm commitment to compile the most thorough set of information possible in your case file so that the Social Security Administration claim examiner will have a clear, documented understanding of your case when it is being reviewed.

    As the disability benefits claim is being reviewed, the waiting period begins; and, it can feel as if your life is on hold until the ruling is announced. At this juncture in the process, it is important to know and have the mindset that a ruling can take three months or more and that the timeframe can depend on various factors such as the severity of a disability, the time need to verify the facts in the case, and the workload of the Social Security Administration case worker examining the case.

    Don’t become one of the thousands who are denied their rightful disability benefits each year! Let our team of legal experts work on your behalf, as your number one advocate, in helping you get the financial benefits you need and deserve. We are here to help if you live in Lee County, Mississippi, including Baldwin, Guntown, Mooresville, Nettleton, Plantersville, Saltillo, Shannon, Tupelo, Verona, or another town in the county.

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