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    Social Security Disability Lawyers in Memphis, Tennessee

    There are certain medical conditions that can restrict individuals from performing professional tasks, which then may result in hindering gainful employment. Understanding this, the federal Social Security Administration regulates guidelines and administers benefits for those unable to work due to health-related issues.

    Identifying the spectrum of medical conditions that may qualify individuals for Social Security Disability benefits is the initial step. From heart conditions or epilepsy to vision or hearing loss to mental illnesses, there are undoubtedly hundreds of health impairments, diseases, and disorders that can interfere with an individual’s employment abilities.

    Below is a list of general conditions that, depending on the diagnosis and severity, may deem individuals eligible for Social Security Disability benefits:

    • Cardiovascular System Issues
    • Digestive System Issues
    • Endocrine System Issues
    • Genitourinary Impairments
    • Hematological Disorders
    • Immune System Disorders
    • Malignant Neoplastic Diseases
    • Mental Disorders
    • Multiple Body System Impairments
    • Musculoskeletal System Issues
    • Neurological Problems
    • Respiratory System Issues
    • Skin Disorders
    • Speech Disorders

    In addition, it is important to further explain that an individual is considered disabled and may qualify for disability income when the following criteria are met: the condition, as deemed by a medical professional, has already met or is expected to meet a minimum of 12 months rendering the individual unable to work at a comparable level as he or she had before the impairment; the impairment prevents any level of work or the ability to work and earn more than a monthly pre-taxed wage of $900; or, the individual is physically or mentally incapable of performing work duties that are related to their past work or skillset.

    As professionals in this field, we also advise our clients that even if they are currently able to perform their normal work duties but that the medical disorder is expected to continue to decline, do contact us immediately so that we can begin preparing the application and building the case – so that the benefits will be in place when needed.

    Also worthwhile to address is that oftentimes the diagnosis of a health condition will result in an individual struggling to accept the fact that they are unable to perform the types of job duties they once did. In these instances, it is essential that they do come to acknowledge and identify those limitations in order for the benefit claim application process to be successful and fully represent the financial assistance needed.

    If health-related conditions are hindering your ability to work and earn a livable income for you and your family, know that help from the highly respected team at Muse Disability Services is only a quick phone call away. And once determined your case qualifies for a claim, a Muse Disability Services attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, will carefully guide you through every step of the way, significantly increasing your likelihood for a positive ruling.

    The simple fact is, our attorneys are experts in disability benefits, which includes their knowledge of best practices and legal strategies as well as a commitment to ongoing education in this field. These are the very qualities and assets that allow them to build the strongest cases possible for successful outcomes. Plus, Muse Disability Services attorneys in Memphis, Tennessee, will not collect any fees until your case is won and your benefits due are confirmed. We stand behind our quality of work and are invested in your success as well.

    These professionals are ready and available to not only help guide you through the necessary steps and timelines, but also take on the responsibility of the time-consuming and laborious tasks of collecting and filing necessary medical records and other relevant paperwork and documentation. In short, let us ease your burden of understanding and complying with the many intricacies and requirements of the Social Security Administration.

    By way of example, every claim filed with the Social Security Administration requires records of medical and vocational evidence outlining physical or mental impairment(s). Also, in an effort to ensure the system is properly utilized, they maintain a multitude of strictly regulated guidelines. In turn, the disability benefits application process can become complicated and time-consuming, involving numerous steps, requirements, and deadlines. Because of this, every employee of Muse Disability Services – from staff members to attorneys – is trained to accurately assist and guide clients through each and every step of the process. This includes managing hard deadlines, collecting required medical records and work history documentation, preparing paperwork, and filing necessary documents. In other words, we are equipped and trained to alleviate much of the work and stress from you and your loved ones.

    Once a claim is submitted, the information is then thoroughly reviewed by a Social Security Administration case worker who will determine if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits or supplemental security income. Thus, expertly preparing for and submitting a solid case that complies with their deadlines and restrictions is yet another critical reason for hiring and working with a professional representative, such Muse Disability Services.

    Thousands of disability benefits cases are rejected each year across the country because individuals unfamiliar with navigating the legal process have not accurately fulfilled the complex criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration. However, if you are in the Memphis area, including neighboring cities such as Bartlett, Bush Grove, Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, Kerrville, Lucy, Millington, Munford, Prosperity, and Woodstock, we are available to help you today!

    For those in the Memphis, Tennessee, area who are experiencing health issues and are unable to maintain or find gainful employment due to the medical condition, please call Muse Disability Services for a FREE evaluation of your specific case and connect with a local attorney who can help determine if your medical condition qualifies for a claim.

    Remember, Muse Disability Services attorneys serving Memphis, Tennessee, have earned a respected reputation within the field of disability benefits assistance, with a results-oriented record, and are here to help you and your loved ones in navigating and reaching a successful claim.

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