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    Southaven, Mississippi SSDI Attorneys

    Did you know that if you reside in Southaven, Mississippi, and are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits, that there is a trusted name in the social security benefits industry ready to help? In fact, if you are anywhere in Desoto County or even in the neighboring counties of Marshall, Panola, Tate, or Tunica, assistance for filing your claim is simply a phone call away.

    Muse Disability Services has not only been representing people across the United States for decades, it has also helped secure millions of dollars in disability benefits for thousands of individuals – and its highly-skilled team is available to assist anyone considering filing a disability claim in Southaven as well as in Ashland, Byhalia, Holly Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Olive Branch, Robinsonville, and Walls.

    It is important to know that Muse Disability Services was started in 1986 by former Administrative Law Judge C. G. Muse, Jr., to serve a critical role in helping individuals navigate the complex Social Security Administration’s Disability Benefits claims process. Now, more than 30 years later, the company has truly succeeded in its mission and has earned a first-rate reputation within the industry and with the Social Security Administration.

    Judge Muse’s vision included assembling a second-to-none professional staff and legal team, trained and equipped with the knowledge and know-how to build clients’ cases that comply with the many regulations established by the Social Security Administration. By understanding the complexity of these federal laws and procedures, our staff today is on point to win claims due to their intensive training and ability to effectively create timelines, meet deadlines, submit required forms, and collect medical records and other important documents.

    So, if you are in North Mississippi and are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, please call us for a complimentary evaluation to determine if your medical conditions qualify for a Social Security Disability benefits claim. According to the Social Security Administration, there are hundreds of health-related disorders, diseases, and impairments that can hinder a person’s professional capabilities and that can be considered applicable for applying for disability benefits.

    Additionally, and as defined by the Social Security Administration, an individual is considered disabled and may qualify for disability benefits when:

    1. the disability, as documented by a medical professional, has or is expected to meet a minimum of 12 months where an individual is unable to work at a comparable level he or she did prior to the impairment;
    2. the disability prevents the individual’s ability to work and earn more than a monthly pre-taxed wage of $900;
    3. and, the individual is unable, physically or mentally, to perform professional tasks that are related to their past work or skillset.

    Once the appropriate criteria are met, Muse Disability Services will customize and initiate a process, plan, and timeline for filing your claim with the Social Security Administration, ultimately relieving you and your loved ones of the stress and heavy lifting this process often requires.

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