Social Security attorney

The claims process to receive approval from the Social Security Administration for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income is a long and daunting one. Too many untrained individuals who attempt to navigate this process on their own are denied their disability benefits claims due to simple clerical or filing error that a trained specialist could have helped them to avoid. This is why our team of certified, experienced disability benefits advocates here at Muse Disability Services are here: to help you achieve the disability benefits approval you need and deserve without the hassle and frustration the overwhelming filing process can cause.


With one simple and cost-free phone call to the Muse Disability Services office at 1-800-922-4011, one of our qualified social security specialists can help you to determine whether or not the specifics of your mental or physical disability or impairment meet the criteria for benefits approval as defined by the Social Security Administration. Once this is determined, we can assist you in building a the strongest case possible to demonstrate your level of disability and need for assistance. This involves a thorough review and collection of documentation from medical records, lab tests, and work documentation. The expertise of a Muse Disability Services representative is needed to help you not only gather all necessary paperwork and documentation, but also to highlight the most pertinent, compelling evidence within these records for presentation to the Social Security Administration.


When you make the wise decision to employ the services of a disability benefits claims specialist such as one of the friendly, experienced representatives we have here at Muse Disability Services, then you can rest assured that your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits claim will be handled in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. He or she will be able to compile and move your benefits claim along while keeping your involvement to a minimum, with the understanding that travel to and from meetings and appointments can present a real challenge to most individuals seeking disability assistance.


Our team of disability benefits experts here at Muse Disability Services wants for you to receive the disability assistance that you need and deserve from the Social Security Administration. We hope you’ will pick up the phone and call us today to begin your quest for benefits.