Lawyer in Hernando, Mississippi

Living with a disability can affect many aspects of our lives, including our careers. In some cases, a disability can even hinder our ability to find and keep steady employment, which may result in being unable to earn a livable wage. If this is an issue that you or a loved one in the Hernando, Mississippi, area are facing, please know that there is help!

At Muse Disability Services, our company’s sole mission is to serve as a trusted resource and help individuals with disabilities file for and receive the financial disability benefits and assistance they need.

When filing for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, the process can seem daunting and time-consuming. From determining if your disability even qualifies for federal benefits to completing and submitting required forms, collecting medical and employment records, and meeting deadlines, our team is carefully trained to manage this often-times complex process.

Muse Disability Services is on standby right now, ready to build your case and assist, advise, and guide you, step-by-step, through the necessary stages of a claims procedure.
In fact, every Muse Disability Services representative – from our friendly customer service specialists to our expert legal professionals – is trained on the latest industry rules, best practices, and strategies so that we can best assist our clients in a timely, cost-efficient, and thorough manner. And armed with in-depth knowledge of the strict regulations and guidelines set forth by the Social Security Administration, our staff is able to strategically position every client’s case for success.

In addition, another valuable benefit we provide is representing clients through a reapplication process if a previous claim has been denied. In these instances, individuals are faced with an intense set of deadlines and paperwork, and with absolutely no room for error. The truth is, thousands of disability claims are denied each year, with many simply a result of a single mistake like an unfiled document, paperwork error, or missed deadline.

Statistics show that by hiring a respected, professional firm, such as Muse Disability Services, to serve as your personal advocate throughout a filing or reapplication for disability benefits, your chances for an approved claim increase substantially – by a remarkable 90 percent, to be exact! Plus, we believe in our quality of work and are invested in your success, so much so that we will not collect any fees until your case is won and your benefits due are confirmed.
Thanks to our highly skilled staff and attorneys, decades of experience, and impeccable success rates, Muse Disability Services has already been able to secure millions of dollars in disability benefits for individuals across the United States!
So, if you are in Hernando or a nearby North Mississippi community such as Banks, Cockrum, Coldwater, Horn Lake, Nesbit, Senatobia, or Cold Water, disability benefits help is just a phone call away! Call us at 1-800-922-4011 today, and let Muse Disability Services work on your behalf to advocate for and help secure the financial support you and your family need and deserve.