Lawyer in Desoto County, MS

Desoto County, Mississippi


If you are a resident of Desoto County in Mississippi and are experiencing health issues that are rendering you unable to find or maintain gainful employment, please call Muse Disability Services for assistance.

To begin with, our mission at Muse Disability Services is to prepare, file, and win Social Security Disability Benefits claims. In fact, this has been our company’s sole mission since 1986. During those 30-plus years, we have earned a respected reputation within the industry by assembling the best legal team and support staff in the business and by having developed and streamlined a process that is second-to-none. Our record speaks for itself as we have helped secure millions of dollars for our clients across the country – including Desoto County.

Because we proudly stand behind our quality of work and our success rates, we invite anyone in the Desoto County area, such as residents of Hernando, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Nesbit, Southaven, and Stonewall, to call us to discuss your case. From our friendly front line customer service representatives to our innovative legal team, each staff member is accredited and trained on the latest industry rules, best practices, and strategies to best assist clients in a timely, cost-efficient, and thorough manner.

Attorneys at Muse Disability Services are equipped for building strong case files, thoroughly documenting and supporting the client’s full disability claim. Being detailed in this process is critical! This includes our highly-skilled team collecting documentation of medical records, vocational history, and accounts of physical or mental impairments. Compiling this data is so important because it will be reviewed closely by a Social Security Administration case worker, who ultimately will decide if the case qualifies for Social Security Disability Benefits or supplemental security income. It is our duty to understand that attention to detail, as well as meeting strict deadlines, are vital to preparing any case file for formal evaluation.

It is our guarantee that we will compile, prepare, and submit the most air-tight, solid case possible for each and every client of ours who has entrusted us with this important job. The truth is, we believe so much in our procedures, attorneys, and staff that we will not collect a fee unless the client receives an approved claim.

Our tenacity and our thousands of satisfied customers are what have led to our company’s decades of success. We find it so unfortunate, though, that thousands of disability benefit claims are still being denied each year – and we want individuals to know that we are here to help. And, statistics support the fact that having professional representation, such as Muse Disability Services, increases your chances of an approved claim by 90 percent – wow!

Please call us today at 1-800-922-4011 if you are in the Desoto County, Mississippi, area and are thinking of filing a disability benefits claim. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your case and answer any questions. It would be our pleasure to professionally represent you as your legal advisor and advocate on your behalf as you pursue attaining the financial disability benefits you and your family need.