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    Social Security Disability Income in Metairie, LA

    If you are in Metairie, Louisiana and are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, call Muse Disability Services for a complimentary evaluation to determine if your medical conditions qualify for a Social Security Disability benefits claim. According to the Social Security office in Metairie, Louisiana, there are hundreds of health-related disorders, diseases, and impairments that can hinder a person’s professional capabilities and that can be considered applicable for applying for disability benefits. People receiving Social Security Disability benefits in Metairie number approximately 20,000 currently.

    Muse Disability Services has not only been representing people across the United States for decades, it has also helped secure millions of dollars in disability benefits for thousands of individuals – and its highly-skilled team is available to assist anyone considering filing a disability claim in Metairie, as well as the surrounding areas of New Orleans, Westwego, Kenner, Gretna, and Saint Rose.

    How to Qualify for Supplemental Security Income or SSDI

    Searching for SSA disability in Metairie? Call Muse Disability Services today to determine if you qualify for SSDI or SSI. To qualify for disability benefits in Metairie, LA from the Social Security Administration, will have to prove that your disability will last at least 12 months and that during that time, you will not be able to do any type of work activity.

    Another extremely important factor to consider which will affect your disability application in Metairie is whether or not your specific condition matches one of the conditions listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. If you find that your specific disability is not on this list, you may still qualify and apply for SSDI but doing so may prove to be more of a challenge. This is the case where retaining the services of a qualified Social Security Disability attorney, such as those at Muse Disability Services, will help you prepare your disability claim properly and ensure you get the benefits you need.

    Apply for Metairie, Louisiana SSDI Benefits

    In Metairie, LA, the average wait time for a SSI or SSDI hearing is about 15 months. To process a Social Security Disability claim in Metairie, LA takes an average, currently, of 500 days. The average for winning a SSI or SSDI disability hearing in Metairie, LA is around 30%. As this approval rate is significantly lower than the national average of 43%, it will greatly benefit you to call Muse Disability Services in order to work with a second-to-none professional staff and legal team, trained and equipped with the knowledge and know-how to build clients’ cases that comply with the many SSDI regulations established by the Social Security Administration. In general, selecting a SSDI lawyer in Metairie, LA to work with you through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits will increase your odds of getting your claim granted. This is especially true if you select a Muse disability attorney in Metairie. We are experts in this area and we proudly stand behind our quality of work and our success rates.