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    Social Security Disability Lawyers in Columbus, Mississippi

    Residents in the Columbus, Mississippi, area who are considering filing a Social Security Disability claim or appealing a denied claim have an opportunity to increase their chances for a successful ruling, with the help of Muse Disability Services.

    For more than 30 years, Muse Disability Services has helped thousands of people across the country – including in Columbus and neighboring communities – successfully win their disability benefits claims and appeals. Our expert attorneys and staff have earned a respected reputation and will work diligently on your behalf, while also easing the workload on you and your loved ones.

    When filing a disability benefits claim or appeal with the Social Security Administration, there are strict requirements and deadlines to factor into the process. In addition, the timeframe – from beginning to end – can be lengthy, so we recommended starting the process early, understanding that it may be months before an answer is announced.

    Because of the timeframe, the core questions individuals have around the timeline of a claim typically include “when is it time to apply?” and “how long does the application process take?”

    When is it time to apply?

    A disability benefits claim can be filed at any time, as long as the disability is qualified by the Social Security Administration and that the physical or mental condition is hindering your ability to earn a livable income. The impairment must also either have lasted, or be projected to last, for 12 months or more.

    We also advise clients that even if you can perform your normal work duties currently, but your medical condition is expected to continue to decline, contact us now so that we can begin preparing your detailed application or appeal and building your case – so that your disability benefits will be in place when needed.

    How long does the application process take?

    While there is no standard answer to this question, the approval process will most likely take anywhere from 90 days to much longer. This timeframe, however, depends greatly on a number of variables, which need to be taken into consideration, such as your disability and its severity.

    Another variable is the current workload of Social Security Administration case workers. For this very reason, our dedicated legal team and staff are equipped to provide examiners with comprehensive portfolios of every client’s medical records and work history so that an efficient review of every claim results in a timely manner.

    Muse Disability Services assists residents of Columbus, Mississippi, and surrounding cities, including Ackerman, Caledonia, Starkville, and West Point, as well as anyone in Lowndes County and neighboring counties such as Clay and Oktibbeha.

    Choosing to work with a Muse Disability Services attorney will provide peace of mind and take the stress and heavy lifting off you and your loved ones. In addition, we firmly stand behind the quality of our work and will not collect a fee until your claim is won and your benefits due are confirmed.

    Don’t wait! If you are in the Columbus, Mississippi, area, please call us today at 1-800-922-4011 to talk with a representative.