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Why is a Contingency-based Payment Plan Most Beneficial to Me?

In an effort to maximize both time and financial resources, Muse Disability Services proudly operates within a contingency-based model, meaning that we don’t get paid unless you receive an approved claim. You may be wondering why we choose to follow this format; though, the reason is simple: We are 100 percent committed to and confident in our abilities and procedures for producing approved disability claims. This, in fact, is at the very core of our mission, and it is why our company exists and is flourishing today.

To provide a brief background, Muse Disability Services was formed in 1986 by former Administrative Law Judge C. G. Muse, Jr. In his profession, he saw the very real need for this type of helping-hand service. All too often, the complexity of the application process can become confusing and stressful with overwhelming amounts of paperwork and deadlines. And thus, Judge Muse started this business as a way to offer third-party professional assistance in aiding individuals as they navigate the laws, rules, and regulations involved in applying for disability benefits. His goal was to both help and simplify the process as individuals sought to obtain their rightful disability benefits and the financial assistance they and their families need.

Because of our longstanding relationship with the Social Security Administration – for more than 30 years to be exact – our fee structure is approved by them as well as our work model is in compliance with and accommodating to their standard procedures. And as Muse Disability Services is an approved resource within the federal guidelines, it is our responsibility (and guarantee!) to provide the highest level of professionalism, accountability, and financial value to you, or clients.

Another important fact to point out is that according to the most recent statistics, 90 percent of individuals who have representation, such as Muse Disability Services, are granted claim approval – and that is a staggering success rate! Again, this is due to our exceptional team and our decades of experience. We have assisted thousands of people across the country and have helped secure millions of dollars in disability benefits. By allowing us serve as your personal advocate, working on your behalf, you will statistically increase your chances for an approved claim – and if your claim is denied for any reason, you pay us nothing. It’s that simple!

At Muse Disability Services, we take our mission and our reputation very seriously, and we pledge to utilize all of our resources – from our trained and accredited support staff to our elite legal team to our proven procedures – to help our valued clients build the strongest cases possible for a winning outcome. And whether it is a first-time claim, an appeal, or a re-application, we are prepared to fully meet your needs.

Call us today at 1-800-922-4011 for a free consultation about your disability benefits case. And know that we believe in our quality of work and the skill of our staff so much that we will not collect a fee unless your claim is approved!