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Social Security Disability Attorney & Lawyer in Nashville Tennessee


Are you in the Nashville, Tennessee, area and considering filing a disability benefits claims with the Social Security Administration due to a physical or mental impairment? If so, contact a local Muse Disability Services attorney today! Our skilled attorneys are prepared to be your number one advocate in successfully building – and winning – your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits claim.

Why Seek Legal Representation?

Thousands of disability benefits claims are rejected each year across the nation, including in Nashville, Tennessee. All too often, many cases are denied because of simple oversight issues or clerical errors. Though, with the right legal representation, presenting your case to the Social Security Administration should be a smooth and streamlined process.

By working with a Muse Disability Services attorney, who will not collect a fee until your claim is won and your benefits due are confirmed, you’ll be guaranteed peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional will represent you and take the stress and heavy lifting off you and your loved ones.

Our attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee, understand the oftentimes complex laws of the Social Security Administration and are equipped for managing the necessary details in compiling, submitting, and filing the many required forms and documents. Not only will our attorneys assist in discerning and meeting timelines and collecting medical records and other pertinent documents, they will also significantly increase your chances of a successful claim.

Though if your initial claim has been denied, and you opt to appeal, our attorneys are available to represent and guide you every step of the way.

Navigating the Appeals Process

If an appeal is your next step, then an attorney can certainly be of assistance in navigating the four potential appeal processes: Reconsideration, a Hearing, the Social Security Appeals Council, and Federal Court.

  1. A Reconsideration appeal is not often successful, with less than 20 percent of claims being approved in this process. If this step is not selected, then claimants may then either decide to submit an initial claim again or request a Hearing.
  2. At a Hearing, claimants have the opportunity for their case to be presented before a judge. Here, testimonies, medical experts, and other admissible items are presented. This step results in a successful outcome close to half of the time for claimants.
  3. If a claim is denied during a Hearing, then the next option is to stand before a Social Security Appeals Council and request their review of the ruling made by the judge at the Hearing. Here, the Council will collectively approve the claim or deny it.
  4. In the final process, and only after a denial of your claim from the Social Security Appeals Council, a lawsuit can be filed in Federal District Court. While this process is rarely ruled in the favor of the claimant, it also mandates an attorney.

Improve Your Claim Approval Chances, from the Beginning

Our attorneys’ expertise lies in disability benefits, which includes their knowledge of best practices and legal strategies as well as ongoing education in this field. These are the very qualities and assets that allow them to build the strongest cases possible for successful outcomes.

Don’t be denied a rightful claim like thousands are every year. Let us use our experience to help lead the way to a successful benefit ruling.

Since 1986, Muse Disability Services has been helping people just like you get the benefits they deserve! Contact us today at 1-800-922-4011 for more information and a complimentary assessment of your specific situation.