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Professional Athlete Disability Claim

Were you injured on the job playing professional sports? We can help.
Were you injured on the job playing professional sports? We can help.

Our sporting events are one of America’s most cherished national past times, but for the athletes who participate in them, most major sports leave players with lasting injuries. For too many football, basketball, baseball, and other athletes, the grinding physical realities of a profession in the sports arena—whether long or short—can case long term harmful effects such as degenerative arthritis, brain damage, and more.

While recent developments in some professional organizations have increased the retirement and insurance benefits offered to members and players, these packages can end up resulting in less financial support during retirement years than even rookie players bring in while active. The results can be extremely difficult for retired or otherwise inactive players that need increased financial and disability support due to the years of serious wear and tear put on their bodies during their time in action.

Help with Denied Claims

Muse Disability Services provides excellent, comprehensive assistance to past professional athletes that are seeking disability claims. If you spent any time in the professional sports arena at all, then there is a chance that you are leaving disability support that you deserve on the table. Our goal is to ensure that this does not happen, and that you receive all the disability support that you require. Whether your injuries are clear or subtle, directly or indirectly related to on-the-field or other injuries sustained during your time as a professional athlete, we can help.

Muse Disability helps those who:

  • Were hurt when playing professional football in the NFL
  • Were hurt when playing professional soccer
  • Were hurt when playing professional basketball in the NBA
  • Were hurt when playing professional sport

It is important that you understand all of the options at your disposal and have an experienced, knowledgeable professional at your side, guiding you through this importance process of information-gathering and decision-making when it comes to disability claims. Put simply, you need an advocate that will ensure that your best interests are honored as you navigate your life outside of professional sports.

Speak with one of our professional advocates today, so that you can learn exactly how Muse Disability Services can assist you. We will go above and beyond in achieving the most thorough, fair case for your best disability benefits support. Here at Muse Disability Services, your long term health and wellbeing is our priority, and we look forward to discussing our plan to help you secure the disability benefits you deserve for your lifetime. Contact us today.