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    Meridian, MS Social Security Disability Lawyers and Attorneys

    Are you or a loved one dealing with an impairment which prevents you from working? You may be eligible for social security disability benefits in Meridian, MS. Let Muse Disability Services represent you to help you get your deserved SSDI in Meridian, Mississippi. Our team of expert disability lawyers in Mississippi will guide you through the entire disability benefits process, which is usually long and confusing. You may qualify for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both programs are disability benefit programs offered by the government agency, the Social Security Administration (SSA). Every state follows similar procedures throughout the application process but there can be variations,  including SSDI approval rates and denial rates, and how much the monthly payments are for social security disability benefits for those receiving benefits. Thus, it is imperative that you have legal representatives who know the Meridian, MS social security administration process in and out. Our knowledgeable attorneys are prepared to be your number one advocate in successfully building – and winning – your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits claim in Meridian, MS. Muse Disability Services disability attorneys are here and waiting to help you with your Mississippi social security disability application today!

    We are here to help! If you or a loved one reside in Meridian, Mississippi, or any nearby city such as Collinsville, Quitman, Union, and Newton, we are ready and waiting to assist you. Mississippi state disability benefits, even in the area of Meridian, are difficult to obtain and having expert legal representation increases the odds that your benefits claim will be approved. By working with a Muse Disability Services attorney, who will not collect a fee until your claim is won and your benefits due are confirmed, you’ll be guaranteed peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional will represent you and take the stress of the confusing SSDI process in Mississippi off you and your loved ones.

    Qualify and Apply for SSDI in Meridian, MS

    Wondering about the conditions that qualify for disability or what social security disability requirements are stipulated? Or what medical conditions are approved for disability? Muse Disability expert disability attorneys in Mississippi can walk you through the disability benefits qualifications and help you begin the process of getting the disability claims benefits you deserve.

    In order to determine if you qualify, you will speak with your Muse Disability attorney to assess the following questions in order to determine if you qualify for SSDI:

    1. Will you be out of work for 12 Months?
    2. Does your disability significantly limit your ability to work?
    3. Is your medical condition described in the List of Impairments?
    4. Are you able to do the work you did before?
    5. Are you able to do any other type of work?

    Once you and your disability lawyer determine that you qualify, you will have to start the social security disability application process in Meridian, MS. This process is made far easier with the support of a legal representative.

    Meridian, MS Social Security Disability Benefits

    The latest recorded Mississippi rates of approved social security disability claims compared to the national rates are as follows and are approximates:


    Initial Application Mississippi: 25%

    Nationally: 32%

    Reconsideration Review Mississippi: 7%

    Nationally: 11%

    Appeal Hearing Mississippi: 51%

    Nationally: 58%

    Hearing Wait Time Mississippi: 351 days

    Nationally: 349 days

    Appealing a Denied Social Security Disability Claim

    There are several steps which can be taken if your SSDI claim is denied in Meridian, MS, which is a similar process all over the United States. Call Muse Disability Services today to help you through your appeal, as having legal representation for a denied disability claim greatly increases your chances of winning your appeal. Your first appeal must occur within 60 days of the denial.

    There are four levels of appeal, which include the following, in the order in which they occur:

    • Reconsideration
    • Hearing (by an Administrative Law Judge or ALJ)
    • Review by the Appeals Council
    • Federal Court review

    In the first step, Reconsideration, another SSA representative reviews your original case and any additional or new information to determine if the denial was justified. Here, he/she will make a recommendation to approve your appeal or to deny it. If your first appeal is denied, then you will move to the next step.

    The second level of appeals is the Hearing phase, where you will plead your case before an administrative law judge in Meridian, MS or within about 70 miles. Having a disability lawyer present to represent you is likely to help you win your appeal at this point, as we at Muse Disability, are experts in understanding what the judge will need to know and hear.

    The next phase, if you are still denied, is the Social Security Administration Appeals Council who will determine if the ALJ’s decision was correct or if your case needs to return to another ALJ to review once again.

    If at the Appeals Council step, your claim is still denied, then you will be able to take your case to the disability claims Federal District Court.

    Each of these phases is incredibly difficult to maneuver through and having an expert disability lawyer in Meridian, Mississippi, such as one from Muse Disability Services will help you win your appeal in a timely manner, hopefully without having to go through each and every appeal stage. Call Muse Disability Services today to get a free quote on guiding you through the complex SSDI process in Meridian, MS!